• Dear Diary

    How many of us, most likely women, had a little book with a lock when we were little? Maybe it was adorned with unicorns or kittens, and we kept the little key somewhere known only to us. Every night, we would crawl into the safety of our beds, pull out our favorite pen, and write, “Dear Diary.” 

    As it turns out, we all should’ve kept doing it--men and women. As we focus more on mental health, journaling (diary keeping) has been shown to have several health benefits, and you might be surprised by what they are. But think about a time when you’re upset or excited, and you want to tell someone. You usually feel better after doing so, right? Especially if that person is someone whom you trust with your secrets. That notebook on your nightstand? It can play the same role, except it can’t talk back, and, well, sometimes, that’s just what we need.