Our Favorite Time of the Year


 By Shannon Bone, New Leaf Paper Director, Sustainable Partnerships

It’s April! And we’re excited, because what comes in April?

Easter! Well, yes, but something else.

Spring! Again, yes, but still something else.

Earth Day! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Thursday, April 22, is Earth Day 2021, and we at New Leaf Paper couldn’t be more excited. Our company is built on the foundations of sustainability. We will be using this month to get everyone excited about what they can do to help with the vital work to fight destructive climate change.

One of the best resources out there is the official Earth Day organization at www.EarthDay.org. This year’s mission of “Restore our Earth” seems to take on additional meaning this year as humanity collectively tries to move past the Covid-10 pandemic. Every living thing on the planet—and the planet itself—needs some restoration. We can help ourselves by keeping busy and moving forward with hope, both of which fit nicely with Earth Day principles.

Now is a great time to refocus on sustainability solutions that may have become lost in the shuffle of pandemic living:

  • Eliminate those plastic straws! Use reusable whenever possible.

  • When you order takeout, make it a point to request no plastic silverware.

  • Haven’t been recycling? Check-in your neighborhood—many recycling centers and charities that were closed are beginning to reopen.

  • If you must use plastic, make it something that will be reusable—like water bottles. Single-use plastic is highly damaging to our oceans, which are a vital natural resource.

  • Host a community clean-up, or head out on your own to gather litter—human garbage can harm wildlife, water, and soil. And don’t be shy about sharing your efforts on social media.

  • Share things on social media. Yes, it helps! Share articles; share blogs like this one. Every little bit of awareness helps.

  • Challenge your friends and family to commit to at least one sustainable practice—make it fun by making it a competition to see who remains committed the longest without slipping up. 

  • Switch to sustainable products—yep, like our paper. We’re not going to hide the fact that we sell paper. It’s what we do. But we BELIEVE in selling post-consumer recycled fiber papers because it can help fight climate change. 

 Here are some helpful links to guide you on your Earth Day mission!